Energy and Carbon Management


The University is committed to being as efficient as possible in its use of energy and resources in order to minimise both its impact on the environment and its energy costs.


Initiative Details

The Sustainability Unit works with Estates and Facilities to implement projects to reduce our emissions from buildings and transport services via longer term development projects and refurbishment work to existing facilities.The campus is one of the key areas within the strategy, covering the energy and fuel we use, together with the goods and services purchased, all of which contribute to our overall Carbon Footprint. The Estates and Facilities team are responsible for the development and upkeep of the University estate.

The Sustainability Unit have worked to improve the monitoring of energy consumption across buildings on all sites. The fourth phase of the sub-metering installation has been completed at the Parkgate Campus. Sub-metering has enabled us to monitor, with greater accuracy and granularity, the energy consumption in specific buildings and to measure the impact of specific projects to reduce energy usage, as well as being able to identify usual and abnormal patterns of consumption. The University’s Energy Policy and supporting Heating & Cooling Policy (in the download section below) was developed and is implemented by the Estates and Facilities team. It has been communicated more widely at the Health, Safety and Environment Committee and key areas are included in the Residents’ Handbook. The Heating & Cooling policy has been overseen and driven forward by the Energy Management making alterations to the Building Energy Management System (BEMS) to ensure operational hours and settings align with the policy.

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