8th February 2017

Lesley's Leaving Gift

A West Cheshire Food Bank collection point has been accepting donations at the Careers and Employability Centre, thanks to the kind gesture of one of the Careers’ team.

Lesley Douglas, Graduate Projects Finance and Data Officer, suggested that team members donate food to the Cheshire-based charity in lieu of a leaving gift. Lesley, who has worked at the university for over three years, left the University last month.

“Lesley will be remembered within Careers and Employability for her kindness and concern for others” said Sally Harding, Acting Director of Careers and Employability. “It is typical of her to want to give something back to the local community and donating to the food bank is a perfect way to celebrate her kindness.

Every day people in the UK go hungry for reasons ranging from redundancy to receiving an unexpected bill on a low income.  A simple box of food makes a big difference to local people in crisis, with food banks helping prevent crime, housing loss, family breakdown and mental health problems. 

Lesley worked on a number of Widening Participation projects at the university, including the Chester Employability Fund which provided funds of up to £250 to students for interview clothing, driving lessons and other employability-related items.

Staff and students from all campuses are invited to bring along dry and tinned goods to the Careers and Employability Centre, opposite the Binks building. Custard, tinned puddings and tinned vegetables are especially welcome, along with tinned meat, biscuits, pasta sauce and rice. 

The Food Bank collection point within Careers and Employability is now one of two drop-off points at the Parkgate Road campus; the other is based in the foyer of the Westminster building.  Further information about West Cheshire Food Bank can be found by logging onto https://westcheshire.foodbank.org.uk.

Tamara Hunt, Sustainability Officer in the Green Chester team, was enthusiastic about the new bank: “I think it is such a thoughtful gesture, and a fitting legacy to the work that Lesley contributed to the Green Impact team in Careers & Employability and is a great way to encourage other teams to get involved.”