26th April 2017

Veggie Fest

The Seaborne Library Green Impact Team will be hosting Veggiefest, a bring and share event promoting vegetarianism and veganism to reduce your carbon footprint on Wednesday 17th May.

Inspired by National Vegetarian Week, a campaign run by The Vegetarian Society. The society encourages people to 'go veggie' for a week, promotes swapping meat for meat substitutes, eating healthily in general and veganism. Lauren, (LIS Assistant)  said "We are focusing on the green impact of eating less meat – having a meat-free day once a week can save up to 120kg CO2 per year! The event will be promoting healthy, seasonal vegetarian or vegan recipes and 'myth busting' about a vegetarian or vegan diet."

The teams involved are Seaborne Library, the Sustainability Unit, White’s Catering, Find Inspiration in Food, NoWFood Centre and Big 5 Sauces. Each team has a table at the event and will be providing tasters of vegetarian and vegan foods for staff and students to come and enjoy.

We look forward to seeing you there!