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Chester proudly boasts the title of being the World’s first Fairtrade city and contributing to that is the University of Chester’s own Fairtrade University status.

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Everything we buy and use has an impact on the environment and on people and communities. Products such as computers, stationery, vehicles and furniture have impacts throughout their life, and it’s the same for the services we buy such as waste management, water and energy. Universities require huge amounts of resources to run and as a result can have a great influence on suppliers should they decide to procure ethically.

Green Chester believes greatly in the values of Fairtrade and is therefore committed to helping the University, and the City of Chester, maintain its Fairtrade status. We also seek to educate people about the positive values of the Fairtrade movement so that we can hopefully inspire staff, students and the local community to factor in ethical sourcing when purchasing goods.

The Green Chester campaign supports the Fairtrade Steering Group, which has been incorporated into the University’s regular Green Forum.

To find out more about the Fairtrade organisation please visit http://www.fairtrade.org.uk/.

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