23rd February 2016

Thornton Transport Open Innovation Challenge - VOTE NOW


General Challenge Rules

a)      The challenge is a team submission, maximum 3 members and open to all University of Chester students.

b)      All entries must be received by midnight on 1st March 2016 when the challenge closes.

c)       All entries will be judged in two ways:

         1. The 250 word submission by the panel of judges

         2. A link to a short (less than 2 minutes) vid uploaded to YouTube or Vimeo talking about and demonstrating your idea. This vid will then be uploaded to the Green Chester Facebook page and the vid(s) deemed by the judges to have the most ‘likes’ and the most support will win THIS ELEMENT of the challenge. Can you capture the judges’ attention, bring your idea to life, partner, collaborate, fund and promote your idea?

The final winner will be the entry which in the opinion of the judges is the best entry overall.

Enforcement of the Rules

a)      The decisions of the panel of judges will be final.b)      Participating students are responsible for abiding by the rules.c)       Complaints should be lodged directly in writing to the Faculty of Science and Engineering – marked for the attention of Angela Lupton, STEM co-ordinator.

The prizes

3, iPad Mini 4 will be awarded to the winning team (one per member, to maximum of 3).

More than one team can win prizes if deemed appropriate by the judges.


By entering the challenge, all participants shall be deemed to have accepted all the rules, as set out above.

For help or support with your recording please contact Angela Lupton on a.lupton@chester.ac.uk