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How You Travel includes travel guides for City Centre, Queen's Park, Thornton and Warrington Campuses. 

Initiative Details

The current travel plan seeks to provide a comprehensive strategy for the University in its entirety, for the period 2015 - 2020. It includes University-wide objectives and targets, an action plan for delivery of a range of measures and details the monitoring mechanisms that will be put in place to chart our progress. The successful delivery of the travel plan will ensure that we are not only ‘doing our bit’ for our environment by reducing vehicular emissions and improving localised congestion, we are also maximising the accessibility of our Campuses / buildings for the University community as a whole both now, and in the future.

Greenway Gate - Parkgate Rd Campus

Our Greenway Gate allows access to the University directly from the Greenway, at the back of Parkgate Rd Campus, making the journey for cyclists and walkers a lot easier and safer. The gateway, officially opened on Wednesday 12 November 2014 by Alice Irvine, Sustrans Area Manager, was funded by the Local Sustainable Transport Fund.

The gate is located at the back of the overflow car park at the nearest point of access to the Greenway. The gate is accessible using your University pass between 7am - 9pm daily. Please familiarise with Sustrans code of conduct for shared-use paths and if you have any technical issues with the gate please report via Facilities Helpdesk.

Grosvenor Bike Store on Parkgate Rd Campus provides secure, two-tier parking and coin operated lockers. Please lock your bike inside the store. You will need your University pass to access the store.

FIx it Station

A fix it cycle station is now on the following sites for you to make use of the pump and tools on the bright red station. If you need help using them please get in touch.

  • Parkgate Rd Campus, outside Grosvenor Bike Store
  • Riverside Campus - at the side entrance by the cycle shelter
  • Kingsway Building - alongside CKW060 cycle shelter
  • Warrington Campus - next to North West Media cycle shelter
  • Thornton Science Park - in the bike shelter facing the fitness centre
  • Queen's Park Campus - in the bike shelter

Puncture Angels - see downloads section below for a poster detailing staff who have volunteered to help you with you.

BUG - The Bicycle User Group has around 40 members across our Campuses. We aim to contribute to the University’s cycle infrastructure plans and run events to encourage others to join us. If you have any questions or would like to join us just email

Bren Bikes - In 2017 the University began working in partnership with Bren Bikes, a local social enterprise, to provide bikes and to promote cycling for staff and students.  Bren Bikes provide affordable maintenance and repair of bikes in addtion to affordable bikes refurbished by the team at Bren Bikes. There are many ways to get involved and support this partnership including:

1. Do you have a bike in your shed that you keep promising to ride? Would you like to bring it in and get it checked over and serviced? A list of the fixed price servicing and repairs supervised by trained and qualified bicycle mechanics can be found in the links below.

2. Do you have a bike in poor condition? Would you like it fully refurbished ready to ride? Again, Bren Bikes can help and advise what it would cost to bring your old bike up to standard ready to ride.

3. Do you wish you had a suitable bike to get riding again? Bren offer many refurbished bikes for sale for between £30 and £100 and you can try one out for a few days before committing yourself if you haven't ridden for years.

4. Have you an old bike in your shed that you will never ride? If so, then why not donate it to Bren Bikes so they can refurbish it for one of our staff or students to use.

Commuting to the University

 Students commuting to University sites may find these guides useful. 

Park and Ride

Cheshire West and Chester operate four Park and Ride car parks in the city, with two routes covering the city and suitable for Parkgate and Riverside sites.

PR1 Upton (Zoo) – Countess of Chester Hospital – City Centre – Racecourse (Abode Hotel) – Wrexham Road car park

PR2 Boughton Heath car park – Boughton – Chester City Centre – Greyhound Retail Park – Sealand Road car park.

For more information click on Park and Ride


Useful Travel Links

Click on Cheshire Travel for information on travelling in and around Cheshire West and Chester

Click on Travelwarrington for information on travelling in and around Warrington for information on travelling in and around Chester Find others going your way so you can car-share together. Save money, cut your carbon and have fun! Great for both drivers and passengers.

The Chester Cylcle Campaign have produced a library of free Chester Cycle Route maps. The Cheshire West and Chester Council colour coded route maps, are also signposted around Chester.


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